Systematic teaching of life skills

Systematic teaching of life skills

Life skills should be a separate subject for the middle and upper forms in all schools, not taught as a part of social studies. Should not be elective and it is important to see to it that teaching of life skills does not fall by the wayside. Education should not only be in the form of lectures but also included in projects and teaching in general; discussions and projects, rather than just lectures, with subjects including racism, prejudice, love, boundaries and sex. All education must be followed up and discussed. Life skills should be one lesson (40-60 minutes) twice a week. Sex education could start earlier, in which case the focus would be on other aspects of sex education than intercourse, contraception and sex. More emphasis on your own body, boundaries and healthy communications. It would be good to give those who are or have been subjected to racism and other forms of prejudice an opportunity to share their experiences. We need to have the opportunity to hear from and get to know people from different backgrounds and minorities. It must be clear where students can go if their boundaries are crossed of if they experience prejudice.


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